Flatirons and Green Mountain

The Flatirons
Monday and Tuesday I was working in the Boulder area. I had enough time before the workday to visit some trails so I parked at Chautauqua and ran up behind the flatirons. It was 3 miles round trip. Very few people were out yet so it was really relaxing. When I got back to my car the lot had filled up. I got talking to some guys from SF and Boulder who were going to climb the second flatiron. I knew it would be tight time wise but I decided to jump in. It was a little terrifying, but I made it to the top.

The next morning I went to the same trailhead and did a loop over Green Mountain about 6 miles long. Again, at the lower elevation it felt easy. I was able to run most of the way and "the dance" of a fast descent on technical terrain comes back like riding a bike.
View from the summit of Green

Both of these were fantastic mini-adventures, had before normal workdays. Don't talk yourself out of opportunities like this. Get up early enough to make the time. Maintain a sufficient level of fitness so you do this stuff. Make memories.


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