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One-Arm Kettlebell Swing

The back-to-back marathons in the spring left me feeling pretty shot. I've continued to run 40 or so miles a week but have been focused on other things. One that has caught my attention is the one-arm kettlebell swing. I've been doing the two handed Russian style (only bringing the kettlebell to shoulder height, vs American/Crossfit where you bring it all the way overhead) off and on for years. I knew in theory that it was primarily a glute/ham exercise, but it wasn't until this summer, when I started doing it one-handed, that I fully engaged those muscle groups. It was kind of by accident. I have 60# kettlebell and no money for a heavier one. The two-handed swing had gotten too easy with that weight so I went to the one-handed swing. What a difference! I couldn't really use my shoulders to lift the bell anymore, so it forced me to properly engage the glute/ham combo. Runners' glutes are famously unengaged, especially amateur distance runners. The one-arm swing has…

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