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Right Outside Your Door

I'm rediscovering the state park down the road from me. Once upon a time I logged huge miles there training and racing, and I think I kind of burned out. For a couple years I barely made it there at all. Lately I've been going back, craving the solitude and varied terrain. This morning I got out before sunrise for a headlamp run. The darkness amplifies the peacefulness of the woods. It creates a unique world that is the glow of the headlamp.

I'm also prepping for a shorter trail race. I'm not all-in so it's just a couple of weeks' tune-up, but I did want to run a few miles in my footwear of choice, which for shorter trail races is Nike's road flats. It definitely lets you feel the trail as there is no rock plate or any such luxuries.

I crossed paths with a deer. He stared me down and finally moved when I was just a couple feet from him. Smelly things, they are.

It's good to reconnect with this place and mode so close to home, especially as my favorite s…

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