Five Weeks From Marathon Monday

Miles here. Mangoes has been cooking lots of great plant-based meals for me but I remain an omnivore at the present moment. I would estimate I'm consuming 50% less animal products.

"Marathon Monday" as the Boston Marathon official race day is affectionately called, is a mere five weeks away. Yesterday my weekly schedule was rearranged a little to allow for travel. I've been doing long runs every Saturday and resting Sundays but due to travel did the long run on Sunday. It was the second of four consecutive 23 milers and it went well. Last Saturday I finished off with 3 miles at race-pace and still felt strong. Yesterday I finished the run and spent the rest of the day doing physical labor. Where I see the training really taking effect is that I'm not tired and not even that hungry now after all those miles. My body is adapting. It's kind of exciting. Tuesday night I logged 15 miles at 6:00 pace at temps registering -3F due to a 20mph wind. Finishing that training run felt as rewarding as some of my hardest races. This training block has been exceedingly difficult with the brutal winter weather and just... life, but the worst is behind me. Now, it's about consolidating gains and avoiding injury. A plan. Discipline. We'll see if it pays off five short weeks from now.

Here are some pictures from yesterday through the Carolina foothills.


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