Daylight and Temperature Improve the Long Run

With my current training schedule for Boston, Saturday is Long Run day. My injury seems to be about 80% healed. My initial plans for 16 miles with friends had to be recalibrated due to family-related activities (priorities) but it yielded the benefit of the run being all daylight. It was also above freezing, a rarity this time of year. I ended up maintaining a 6:30ish pace on hilly terrain the whole run and felt good for the duration. It was encouraging because I was able to see the work done thus far coming together in sustained performance.

Running in the dark slows me down quite a bit, but those 8 to 10 mile runs every morning are not supposed to be all-out. I would just end up worn down, not faster. Speed is saved up for the two training days—I can talk about those another time.

Nutrition: my primary goal after a long run, or any workout, is to get as much protein as possible as soon as possible. 15 minutes after finishing I was eating 5 fried, farm-fresh eggs with cheese. My daughter will have to recommend some healthier carbs in the comments, because I ended up snacking on Christmas cookies for carbs.


  1. Yes:) That was not the best choice for carbs. Some good sources of carbs would be 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1-2 pieces of whole wheat toast, or 1-2 pieces of fruit. Any kind of fruit would be good, although citrus fruit may be hard on the stomach after a run because of its high acid content.


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