Keep It Flexible - Shifting The Long Run

I had an 8 mile run on the calendar for Friday and a 15 mile long run planned for Saturday. The weather forecast called for rain Saturday, however, so I did the long run Friday. It meant waking up at 4:15am but it was also kind of nice to go into the weekend knowing the long run was done. Today I spent an hour on the stairclimber at an effort equivalent to around a 7:00 pace. I needed a change from the particular mechanics of running but wanted to stay on track in the buildup to marathon training weekly mileage.

Notes on the weather: Last weekend I did the long run in the rain. It wasn't a downpour so my shoes stayed dry, and the temp was low 40s I had a Smartwool 150 weight base layer with a poly racing singlet over it. Wool still insulates when wet so I was comfortable. Today the temp was 36. That's a tough temp to run wet. Probably a good day to hit the treadmill.


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