In Marathon Training Bad Days Are Inevitable

I've been stuck at 65 miles per week for a little while. I will pass 70 next week Christmas or not! Yesterday 10 miles were on the calendar but I was shot after 5 in the early am. I thought I would grab another 5 at the end of the day, but some injuries were feeling a little twitchy so I decided some mobility and strength work would be safer and more beneficial. It felt like a bad training day. The upside was that I felt great for the long run this morning and ran almost 19 with no issues. The bad day/good day cycle is familiar. It can feel like it's all over one day and then you feel indestructible the next. The key is to stick to the plan. I believe that's the power of programming—that it helps you push through the bad days and get back on track quickly after injury. I don't know that details of the plan are even that important (to a point) compared to just persisting through obstacles.

I would also note that the run this morning was with friends. That always makes the miles easier.

Mon: 8.8 easy road miles in the early am. Very sick with the flu or food poisoning.
Tue: 11 treadmill miles in the pm. 1 mile warmup at 7:00, 9 miles at 6:00, 1 mile cooldown at 7:00.
Wed: 7.6 easy road miles at lunch. 3.2 easy road miles in the pm.
Thur: 9.9 medium road miles in the early am with 2x0.5 miles pickups. Raining. Deadlifts in pm.
Fri: 5.4 easy road miles in the early am. 1 mile treadmill and mobility/strength workout in the pm.
Sat: 18.8 medium on crushed gravel with 10x100 strides at the end. 6:56 average.

Need more hills and varied terrain, and at least one more strength session in the week.


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