Recovering on the Run

Last Tuesday I had an early am treadmill workout planned. I started out with some deadlifts but I don't think I was sufficiently warmed up and I strained my right calf. I proceeded with the workout anyway. The plan was a 2 mile warmup and 8 miles at 5:50 pace. The pain in my calf steadily increased and I decided to pull the plug at 7.5 miles. I didn't think a lot about it until Wednesday morning when, 2 miles into a relaxed am run the calf completed blew up—an explosion of pain. I had to call home for a ride. It was that bad.

I've actually had this injury before and it's taken me down for months. I don't have months. I tried a few topical remedies. My old standby Tiger Balm was the only thing that helped at all. I took Meloxicam for two days and dosed tumeric for five. Yesterday I limped through 13 miles but did feel things start to loosen up. Today 8 felt a little better. Tomorrow it's back to the treadmill and I'll see if it stands up to speed. I'm hopeful.

I would not recommend this approach. It was an educated gamble. It was also a wake-up call to make sure I go through the necessary preparation before throwing heavy weights around. My daughter is careful to eat clean at a stage of life when she could eat anything and get away with it. I think I can get away with it, but I know longer have the automatic, rapid regeneration of youth. My body needs every advantage I can provide it.


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