Miles: Progress Report

Boston is 13 weeks and 834 miles away. Saturday marked the third consecutive 70 mile week. The workouts get a little harder each week and calorie demands increase daily. I finally recovered from a chest cold which was sapping energy.

Getting up and out the door has required a lot of self-discipline—I don't know that I had it before. I've never stuck to a plan this rigidly before. There's a new puppy in the house too, which means everything has to be staged the night before so I can sneak out without waking him. No nursing a cup of coffee and enjoying a snack before the run!

Mangoes must be disappointed. I haven't embraced her plant-based philosophy yet. I stave off hunger with ramen and pop tarts, and when meat is available I eat as much of it as possible. I successfully cut out alcohol and have reduced sugar intake. Maybe a Mangoes and Miles conference is in order to discuss these next weeks and what I can integrate from her diet.


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