Running in the Cold

The calendar called for a 19 mile long run but the temperature was a bone-chilling -5F outside. Having already logged some 22 miles on the treadmill this week, I opted to brave the weather. With careful layering, I was actually quite comfortable. The challenge was, well, running 19 miles after already logging 56 miles and a hard workout. Here's the combo:
Socks:poly dress socks next to the skin and Smartwool heavy socks over those.
Pants: calf sleeves, spandex shorts, Nike Pro tights, and Salomon Actitherm running tights (light wind stoppers).
Shirts: Weatherproof poly base (wicks moisture well) and Weatherproof fleece layer (also wicks moisture well. Salomon light windbreaker (with a little bit of venting) over those.
Gloves: Heavy snowboarding mittens I bought on Amazon for about $20.
Face: Stretchy poly buff-type mask with a mouth-hole cut into it for breathing. Bolle ski goggles. Heavy fleece beanie.

The only improvement might have been to apply vaseline to my nose. Moisture from breathing collected around my nose and saturated the mask leading to a little inflammation. Dinking around with this, I had my right mitten off for a little while and in that amount of time my thumb got numb and never really got warmed up again. I kept my route within a few miles of home too. If something goes sideways in this kind of cold, you want the option to pull the plug. As my mask problems illustrate, exposed skin doesn't last long, especially if the wind picks up. These temps are no joke.


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